Picking Up Files

When a Mail Express user sends an email with an attachment, the attachment (if managed by Mail Express) is sent to the Mail Express Server, and the recipient receives an email that contains the body of the original sent email, plus a table of one or more hyperlinks from which the recipient can download the attachment. The attachment(s) are not processed by the SMTP server nor sent to the recipient's email client. The links to the attachments are embedded in the email.


If you attempt to download files after they have expired, an "expired" message appears on the Pick-up page.

To pick up a file

  1. Click the link in the email to open or save the attachment(s).

  2. On the Pick-Up page, click the link next to the file that you want to view or download, or click Download all files to download a zipped file that contains the file(s).

  3. The download behavior depends on the browser you are using and your settings. Click Open to view the file (if the necessary program is installed) or click Save to save the file. If you choose Open, the file is opened as read only.


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