Sending Files with the Reply Portal

Mail Express™ allows users to send large email file attachments to recipients inside or outside of their organization. If you have received an email from a Mail Express user and the email contains a link to the Reply Portal, you can click the link to return files to the sender. (You must attach at least one file.)

To send files with the Reply Portal

  1. Click the Reply to link in the email you received. Your default browser opens and the Reply Portal appears.

  2. replyportal3207.png

  3. In the From box, the email address is completed for you and is not editable.

  4. In the To box, the email address is completed for you. (Authenticated Internal users can change the recipient and add multiple recipients.)

  5. In the Subject box, the original Subject line appears with "RE:" (reply) in front of it. You can edit the Subject line; you are allowed up to 256 characters.

  6. In the Attachments area, click Browse to select a file to attach. You can only select one file at a time and cannot select entire directories. You are limited to 10 attachments per send. After 10 attachments have been added, the Browse button is unavailable.

  7. In the Message box, further describe the purpose of the email. The Message box allows up to 10240 characters. You cannot use HTML tags to format the message.

  8. In the Options area, select the Send me a copy check box if you want to be copied on the email. (Not available for authenticated Internal users.)

  9. Click Send. A "Files Successfully Sent" message appears.



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